Making Junk

Making junk

We keep making junk

Making junk

Making funk

Funking junk

Making you know what

You know what better than anybody

Making junk

You know what ?

Making funking junk

Funking junk

Piles of funking funk

Piles of junk

You know what ?

Funking junk

Funking junk

We keep making junk

You know what ?

We keep making

Fun King



Keep making junk

Goil Like You

A girl like you is worth a thousand trips

Why so many guys

Launched so many ships

A girl like you was Napoleans Waterloo

There was a girl like you carved

Carved on the Egyptian Sphinx

A girl like you who drove CHARLEMAGNE to drink

Alexander the Great

Would have asked you for a date

Your eyes are a molten lava green

Skin of tangerine

You could have been a siamese cat

Or a bessarabian queen

Touching a girl like you

Tempts the hands of fate

Holding girls like you

Is for heads of state

Kissing a girl like you would be a dreamers dream

A girl like you

Showed Fulton how to harness steam

And there were girls like you

Who inspired the Colloseum

A girl like you caused the fall of Rome

Because a man would do anything in his power

To bring you home

Man would build a monument

Or wreck the Astrodome

For a girl like you I would do anything

If I had a girl like you I would feel like an ancient King

Dancing across the fields

Making the churchbells ring

For a girl like you

An ancient King would do anything

Warum Bist You ? With an Umlaut

What are you doing here

What is art doing here

Why do we have so many Question marks

And so many


Warum bist du so traurig

I said to Siri

She had nothing

Why is the sky blue

When do fish sleep



Nothing from Siri

Who is this Siri person anyway

Is punctuation important

Is the sky blue

If I look into the sun Siri will it kill me

Question mark

How can I put an Umlaut over traurig ?

SIRIĀ  ????

Answer Me

You are not my Father


The songbirds are singing

In the songbird tree

Singing an ancient Rhyme

About an ancient sea

Singing to the world

You are dead to me

Ghosts of flowers



Songbirds are singing


It Is So Hard

It is so hard

Incredibly hard

Hard to understand

How Hard

How hard it is

small caps

How hard it is too live

In the shadow of greatness

So so hard

For my progeny

So hard to live

In the shadows of this greatness

In the shadows

How hard is it ?

Noone can ever estimate

The greatness

Of the hardness

Of the shadows

Of the hardness of the fast twitch muscles

Of the shadows

Of the fast twitch Greatness