I Think Her Name Was Derhonda

You dont know what you are missing

Misty roses and butterfly kissing

Till I find all your G-spots

Pebbled aureoles

Touches of cold and hot

A shoulder to lean on

To laugh on

To cry on

Will it be perfection

Probably not

But sometimes sadness and tears

Make the smile more endearing

While Im standing and tracing your delicate waist

Caressing your concavities without any haste

Lingering fingers

Tracing your treasures

Slowly and surely

Sharing our pleasures

Using my mouth

To take all your measures

Music and laughter

Feel your body shiver

Doesnt matter who

Is the taker or giver

Laying with you and holding your hand

Cherish the moment

Make no demands

Sunrise and sunset

Valleys of fear

Turn to waving fields of alfalfa when I have you near

Pounding,pulsating waves

Wild,stormy beaches

When Im holding you

The tide will never reach us




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