Plaintive Little Songs

Voices in the night

Echoing under a viaduct

Sound baffling

Splashing off puddles of rain

Voices in the night

Sound baffling

Plaintive little songs

With sad refrains

Baffling sound

Strangely familiar

Familiar yet strange

Voices in the night

Moving in and out of range

Of sight

Of sound

Of hearing

Baffling sounds

Plaintive voices

Sad refrains

Voices in the night

Shrieks of laughter

Shrieks of pain

Plaintive voices in the night

Fading in and out

Whispering words of love

Answering with words of doubt



Voices in the night

Comforting the sick

Healing little wounds with quiet words

Opening up the pores

Of fascinating people

And insufferable bores

Voices in the night

Searching for the morning light

Running from a fight

Compliments and slights

Voices in the night

Sleepless lonely whores

Listening for an answer

Behind open windows and closed doors

Listening to voices in the night

Somewhere outside the window

Sound different than before

Starting with a murmur

Escalating to a roar

Murmuring voices in the night

Murmuring plaintive little songs

Melody spot on

Words somehow wrong

Dont know where they are going

Dont know where they belong

Voices in the night

Disturbing peoples peace

Voices in the night

Never cease



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