cars bereft of people

full of inflammable liquid

and fear

ligns and signs

and tanker trucks

buckle your seat belt

something might happen to you

stagnant smells of progress

digging deeper sewer pipes

burying people and everything else we leave behind

plastic and paper

all you can eat

throw it away if you dont want it !

there are starving children in Biafra

they long to come to America and be slaves

so they can throw away food and paper and plastic and water and bombs

and light campfires

and throw away s’mores

and smell the effluvial stink of the greatest country in the history of the world


while it burns

the peat,the meat

the street where she lives

the lines,the signs

drive safely

speed kills

missing children

blue taurus

does anyone care about anyone ?

your s’more is burning


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