Nothing Changes

The wind changed

and helicopters full of seeds

changed course

little green flits

got mushed

dead and dying trees leaned

into the wind for support

the grass grew toward the top of the plants

and trees

and the wind changed

and gently ruffled the price tags

on every little thing

hyacinths smelled

and smelled goodness

and badness

a bunting blue

its little horn

the finches moved out of the way of the wind

a cardinal flew back and forth in anger and hunger

whats wrong with the church these days

he said with his head shaking back and forth

and the wind changed

a preformed plastic picnic bench sat unmoved

as the weeds and woods engulfed it

plastic colors never change

little picnic tables will never sprout from its detritus

a yellow shafted flicka plotzed all over it

and the wind changed


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